An Open Apology to my Golden Retriever

July 27, 2016


an open apology to my dog after having kids

When reading this, you first have to understand I’m not a particularly emotional person.  I can probably count on one hand the times I have cried in the last decade.  Despite my aversion to emotions, today in the company of veterinarian, I had a total meltdown.  4 years of the stress of motherhood, keeping it together and keeping my life on course came to a head and I turned into a sobbing mess of inadequacy, guilt and fear of failure.

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SAVE SPEND SPLURGE: Custom Latitude & Longitude Coordinates Jewelry

July 25, 2016



N 32.8850878, W -117.2254471 (La Jolla, CA) these are the coordinates that forever changed me.  This is the location for the hospital where both of my kids were born.  Ever since I brought my first baby home from the hospital I wanted to find a jewelry piece to commemorate my motherhood, something that would dress up or down well without just having their names hammered into a circle pendant.   When I discovered my first piece of coordinates jewelry, I knew this was exactly what I had been searching for.

A few years ago, coordinates jewelry was very expensive and hard to find. But now it’s readily available (one of the links is even through Amazon) and you can find the perfect piece to suit any budget and any event you want to memorialize.

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Save Spend Splurge: Pom Pom Gladiator Sandals

July 18, 2016

pom pom lace up gladiator sandal shopping list

I first fell in love with Pom Pom Sandals when I saw found a pair in a local boutique in Sayulita, Mexico.  I’m still mad at myself that I didn’t buy them because as soon as I left I built them up in my head to be almost magical.  But, ever since that trip in February I was on the hunt for my new perfect Pom Pom gladiator and have found lots of great replacements.  This sandal is the perfect way to look put together in whatever basics you already own.  Since moms are on the go, having a flat sandal beats trying to chase the kids around the park in a wedge heel.

Whatever your price point, you don’t want to miss this fun statement sandal.

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Spending the Day at Estancia Hotel in La Jolla with ResortPass

June 30, 2016

Estancia La Jolla with Legos in my Louis and Resort Pass

Let’s face it, Southern California can get hot and sometimes fighting the crowds at the beach simply doesn’t cut it when you really want to beat the heat.  Or when you want to do a special girls day but don’t have luxury amenities or want to fork over hundreds of dollars for a hotel room, you need a better solution.  ResortPass, has come up with the perfect and luxurious way to solve your daycation problems and I was lucky enough to try out their service on one of the hottest days in San Diego this year.

Check out all details on how ResortPass works and how we spent our day at Estancia in La Jolla.

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10 Best Kid-Friendly Beer Joints in San Diego

June 13, 2016

kid friendly bay city brewing companyLet’s face it, craft beer is to San Diego what wine is to Napa. San Diegan’s have loved beer long before we had our kids and long before it became trendy.  So why, just because we now have kids, should we not be able to enjoy it in the same way we did before?  Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is no reason why you should forgo a good brewery or favorite beer on tap just because the kids are in tow. Lucky for all of us parents, these awesome kid friendly breweries and restaurants are not only serving up great beer they are doing it with a laid back vibe that is welcoming to both beer and non-beer drinkers alike.

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