10 Step Checklist For Authenticating Louis Vuitton Date Codes

December 6, 2022


The Louis Vuitton date code is one of the most notable ways to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton.
But without authentication research, it is one of the easiest ways that people make an inaccurate
assumption about a bag.  Just because a bag has what appears to be a date code does not mean the
bag is automatically authentic.

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How To Tell If A Louis Vuitton Belt Is Real or Fake

January 11, 2021

how-to-tell-if-a-louis-vuitton-belt-is-real-or-fakeIn the world of fashion accessories, Louis Vuitton belts are some of the most widely recognized, statement pieces that you can own. Of course, the market is flooded with fakes, so if you’re trying to figure out if the one you’ve purchased is real, or if you’re in the market for one, we’ve got you covered.

Although there are just a few components of a Louis Vuitton belt, each of the components is significant when determining authenticity. If you review each of these details carefully, you should be able to spot if there are any red flags.

Let’s walk through a complete authentication process for seeing if your Louis Vuitton belt is real or fake.
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7 Early Warning Signs That A Louis Vuitton Is Fake

December 30, 2019



Recognizing a fake Louis Vuitton bag in a world full of counterfeits has become increasingly difficult. But with the recent growth of the luxury resale market, there are now so many great, accessible ways to identify what’s real and what’s not. Not only can you seek authentication services from luxury brand experts, but you can also access resources such as authentication guides so you can have a bit of an advantage as a luxury resale consumer before you make your purchase. 

It’s estimated that there are more fake Louis Vuittons in the world than authentic. Crazy to think about, right? Most of us are familiar with what a real Louis Vuitton looks like, but are you able to recognize the warning signs that a Louis Vuitton might be fake?

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Everything You Need To Know About A Real Versus Fake Chanel Bag

December 7, 2019

chanel-serial-number-authenticity-cardChanel is one of the most desired luxury brands today. As a result, it is also one of the most replicated brands. There are a number of details to examine when identifying an authentic Chanel item. Keep in mind that not all Chanel replicas are made the same. Some replicas are much easier to spot than others. The replicas that are closest to the real thing, also known as “Superfakes” are pretty tricky to spot for most, as they are made to look almost exactly the same as an authentic Chanel. While these details may look close to identical, there will usually be at least a detail or two that are a little off. We’ll go over a few of the basics to help you identify an authentic Chanel bag or other small leather goods.

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The Ultimate Guide To Real Verus Fake Louis Vuitton Zippers

November 22, 2019

the-ultimate-guide-to-real-versus-fake-louis-vuitton-zippersOne of the most important, yet challenging details to review when it comes to Louis Vuitton handbags are the zippers. There are many myths and misconceptions circulating today regarding the authenticity of these zippers. You might have heard, “Louis Vuitton hardware should never chip or fade”, “Louis Vuitton only uses brass hardware” or “Louis Vuitton zippers should always be marked ‘Louis Vuitton’ or ‘LV’). It is true that some Louis Vuitton handbags are made of brass hardware, but they’re usually much older styles (we’re talking prior to the 80’s), and most modern Louis Vuitton bags are made of a coated base metal. 

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