3 Louis Vuitton Bags That Are Trending Right Now

August 9, 2019
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3-Louis-Vuitton-Bags-That-Are-Trending-NowAs one of the internet’s most popular authentication services, we see thousands of Louis Vuitton bags a year.  Demand is one of the strongest indicators of a Louis Vuitton’s value on the second-hand market so knowing in advance that these bags are trending might save you a few hundred dollars.

As we review your steady stream of orders, the most popular pre-owned bags and budding popularity of certain styles quickly stands out. In some cases, we won’t authenticate a certain style all year but then all of a sudden, we will get two separate orders for that style in one week, and then another and another.

Knowing these patterns and trends in popularity are what helped me get my Neverfull well before the price increases and my Pochette Metis before the waitlist grew a mile long. If someone was coming to me asking me what three bags I would be eyeing if I was buying and selling Louis Vuitton bags online for a profit, it would definitely include the three bags I’m about to share more about.

Take a look at these 3 stand-out styles that are quickly becoming the new Louis Vuitton favorite “it bags” for 2019, 2020 and beyond.

3 Louis Vuitton Bags That Are Trending Right Now


The Epi Noe

Did you know that when it was originally designed in 1932 it’s was intended to transport bottles of champagne?  Seriously!

So clearly our wine rose and champagne enthusiasts have quickly caught on this bag style is both chic and useful. If you have ever dug through the black hole of a speedy interior the Noe is a welcome change.

While the epi petite Noe is currently available directly from Louis Vuitton, the vintage Epi Noe in to die for colors like Castillian Red, Toledo Blue, and Tassill Yellow are making the real comeback and are one of the hottest new again styles from Louis Vuitton right now.  With a pre-owned price point under $500, who wouldn’t want to add this to their collection?

Shop Pre-Owned Epi Noe Bags


The Favorite MM

This versatile cross-body/clutch hybrid is rightfully named The Favorite for a reason. While everyone knows that the Pochette is highly coveted with a long waitlist the Favorite MM has snuck into the ranks of very limited availability brand new. And is so, for good reason.

With crossbody convenience of a Pochette Metis but 1/2 the price point adding this to your collection is a no brainer.  When you are running out with just a few essentials or off to dinner and don’t want to lug a bulky tote or crossbody, the compact and efficient Favorite MM is definitely going to deliver all that you need.

Shop Pre-Owned Favorite MM Bags



The Palm Springs Mini

This adorable city bag backs all the convenience that we know and love in a backpack but mini and cut enough to not feel like we’re heading on campus.  With a massive international love of this bag, the U.S. market is quickly following.

Also on a long waitlist that rivals the Favorite MM, fans are heading to the second-hand market to try their luck at getting their own authentic Palm Springs Mini backpack.

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The Bottom Line

Being on the front end of a trend typically means you are going to get the best price for a piece and get the longest amount of use out of it.  If you read my post about Investment Wardrobes and cost-per-wear as it related to luxury goods, you’ll remember that as far as shoppers logic goes, it’s an excellent justification for something you want and know you will use. For the savvy fashionistas out there flipping preowned bags, these are styles I would definitely put my money on for a good return on investment.

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