5 Le Tote Tips for Newbies & Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

April 15, 2018
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 Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

We all know that going to the mall and shopping for hours to find new clothes has quickly become a thing of the past.  But the problem that has arisen is that shopping for clothes online can be challenging, overwhelming and possibly even more time-consuming than the old way.  I was suffering from abandoned shopping carts, endless tabs of clothes I was trying to select and a closet full of clothes that I was just “in like” with.  Until I discovered Le Tote.  Finally, there was a solution that let me rent cute clothes, declutter my closet, free up my time and even improve my style profile at the same time.  If you are looking to join the subscription clothing movement don’t miss these important tips for first times and real Le Tote reviews.

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What is Le Tote?

Price: as low as $59 a month, no contract

What is it: Subscription-based clothing rentals.

What You Get: Unlimited “totes” delivered one at a time that includes 3 clothing items and 2 accessories per month.  You get to hand pick each item that is delivered!

Do I have to buy anything or pay a fee if I don’t: Nope, you can strictly rent the clothes but have the option to buy if you end up loving them

Do you have to buy the products: Only if you want to, no fee if you don’t.

What’s their contract like: Month to month but when you cancel you do have to call and can’t do it online. You don’t pay to ship either way.

Do you have to wash the products: No, they launder everything.

What Tote Options Are There?

Le Tote Classic: Flat monthly fee, unlimited “totes” and all clothes that you hand select.

Le Tote Select: Similar to StitchFix, you have a stylist select new clothing items (no accessories or shoes) and you get to pick which items you want to purchase. Think StitchFix

Le Tote Maternity: Just like Le Tote Classic but with all maternity. I’ve yet to meet a pregnant mama who didn’t LOVE this service.

How Does Le Tote Work?

Here is exactly what to expect in your first month of Le Tote.

  1. Before signing up fill out a quick styling and sizing quiz at Le Tote.
  2. Choose your subscription plan and then pay
  3. Fill up your Le Tote Closet (wishlist) online with all of your favorite items.
  4. Review the items in your tote within 48 hours of it being ready and swap out anything you don’t like before it ships.
  5. Confirm your tote and wait for it to come in the mail. You can track its progress online.
  6. Get your Tote (shipment box) in the mail, open it, and wear it all to your heart’s content. No washing required, they launder it once you return.
  7. If you love something, keep it and you can buy it for a discounted price.  If you don’t love anything, ship it back in the pre-paid envelope and you’ll be selecting your next tote items in a few days.
  8. When the items are received, you will receive an email telling you the next Tote has been stylized, then swap out as you want, confirm, and wait for the next tote.
  9. Repeat until you pause or cancel your membership.

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Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

Le Tote’s subscriptions work for a variety of different people.  Whether you want to keep your office attire fresh and fun, are just looking to get out of those yoga pants at the school pick up line or you are expecting a baby soon and don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes you might not ever wear again – Le Tote has a plan for everyone.  Just take a look at the Le Tote reviews I found online from real customers sharing what they loved and didn’t love the subscription service.



Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

Le Tote customer reviews curated from

Pros of Le Tote

1.  The Clothing Selection Has Expanded: I first tried Le Tote last year and canceled because the selection seemed limited.  When I tried it again a few months back I was pleasantly surprised to find that the inventory had increased 4x.

2. You Are The One Picking Each Item That Ships: Unlike StitchFix, you are in the driver’s seat.  You don’t have to trust that some person who knows nothing about you is going to nail your style.  I know what I want but I just don’t have the budget to buy everything I want.  With Le Tote, being about to pick out each item that comes in my tote really sets it apart from all the other clothing subscription services.

3. Flexible Account Hold Options: If you are like the many people who try Le Tote for months on end, their generous account hold options are a major benefit.  You can pause your subscription for a week, weeks or even a whole month.  Knowing that I can just pause and pick up where I left off makes it a really low commitment to join and invest my time into picking out favorites.  If I buy some of my own clothes one month, I’m not racked with guilt over also having the service.  I can easily just pause and restart when I see fit.

4. Shipping Is Speedy: Le Tote is based out of San Francisco with a distribution center not far away.  For a California girl like me this means that my shipments are received and sent to me super quickly.  Other subscription clothing rentals I have tried had long transit times and I felt like I was wasting time and money with clothes in transit.

5. No Laundering: Being able to wear and return without washing is a really simple luxury of Le Tote’s clothing rental subscription.  I don’t have to worry about how to care for the items or even question the laundering condition that they are in when I receive them. It means less delicate loads of laundry and the option to wear more silks and fabrics I might shy away from buying because of laundering or dry cleaning concerns.

Cons of Le Tote

1. Prices Have Increased:  Originally Le Tote used to only be $39 which was bananas inexpensive. While the base price of the membership has increased over the years, I can also appreciate that in exchange we’ve been given loads of new clothes added each day and the selection has vastly improved as well.

2. You Can’t Send Back Individual Pieces: With Le Tote if you don’t like one item in your tote, you don’t have the option to ship back only that piece.  You’re Tote is a package deal all the items need to be taken back and exchanged for new ones as a group.  With so many pieces and accessories in each tote it ends up being just fine but if you could send things back piece by piece in the future that would amazing!

3. What You Like Isn’t Always Available: Sometimes I would get really attached to an item that I liked but when it was time to pick my new tote it wasn’t available.  Not the end of the world but something I had to learn to expect just in case what I love is also what everyone else loves too.

4. Clothes Are On Trend But Not High End: If I am renting clothes I’m going to be more adventurous with what I’m wearing.  While I really like the pieces from Le Tote I would like to see some pieces that are more fashion-forward and a bit more of a risk.

Ummm, I really like Le Tote and can’t think of 5 cons so I’ll leave you with just 4.

The Bottom Line from Real Le Tote Customer Reviews

If you are fed up with buyers remorse and a closet full of clothes you own but don’t love; then Le Tote is the perfect solution for you. With an endless closet of options and the option to rent and not buy everything that gets shipped to you, there is little to dislike about a subscription clothing rental with Le Tote.  As the Le Tote customer reviews state, it’s a big game changer in the way you can dress and the way you spend your money.  So if you are looking for better style more conveniently, what do you have to lose?!

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