A Mother’s Day Gift Tradition You’ll Wish You Already Started

May 3, 2017
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Let’s face it Mother’s Day gifting success can be overwhelming for anyone. But I know the stakes can feel particularly high for dads of young kids.  Newer moms who have more recently parted ways with their independent lives tend to be a little more vested in the outcome of their Mother’s Day.

I get it, I am right there with those moms.

But a few years ago, I had an idea for Mother’s Day that has completely shifted the course of how we celebrate and how I am able to enjoy my Mother’s Day gift day in and day out for years to come.

Tradition Game Changer

Instead of getting a gift that I won’t necessarily treasure or might tire of, each year on Mother’s Day Ryan and the kids plant a new rose bush in our rose garden.  It’s the only time of year that we add roses to the garden and our home grown roses are something that we all really cherish.

Just last month we had a vase of gorgeous red trumpet roses on the dining table and Summer said, “Mommy these are from your Mother’s Day present last year”.  My heart is full knowing that they care about and remember each of these beautiful roses and each year of motherhood.

Step 1: Mother’s Day Shopping Success for Dads


This year as our schedule got particularly hectic in May, Ryan had a clear path to Mother’s Day success by leaning on our tradition.

Before our camping trip to Santa Barbara last week, he stopped by Walmart with the kids to pick out a Mother’s Day card.

He was able to do it so seamlessly that I just thought he was grabbing the smores stuff for the campfire. He had intentionally forgotten the supplies earlier in the week so he could make an assuming  trip to the store with the kids for a mother’s day card.

Since Ryan and the kids knew exactly what they were giving me for Mother’s Day it gave the kids a clear direction in picking out a card – find one with roses on.

Summer found a beautiful three dimensional NEW Hallmark Signature Mother’s  Day card (available at Walmart) with stunning paper roses. Check out this link to get a special rebate on Hallmark Mothers Day cards. The kids were so proud to have found the “rose card” and Ryan was relieved to be in and out of Walmart quickly and with no fuss. To find additional digital coupon offers and Mother’s Day inspiration click here.

Dad Tip:  Give the kids a little direction when you go to the card aisle.  If you see a Hallmark Signature card that you think will work make it a game with the kids and say “Mommy would love a card with X. Can you find a card with a X on it?”  You’ll save tears over not getting mom the princess card they are certain I would love aren’t sure they don’t want to hide in their treasure chest.

Step 2: Outdoor Shopping Ease

With the card buying a total success they stopped at the nursery on their way home and picked out a new rose bush.  Last year Calvin got to pick the rose so this year it was Summer’s turn.  Since she is a 4 year old girl they of course ended up loading a purple rose bush into the back of the truck.

Dad Tip: If you are gun shy taking the kids out alone, going to the nursery or a garden center with kids is so easy.  They are completely entertained being outdoors, smelling the flowers, checking out the fountains and just roaming around.

Step 3: A Known Surprise


Since getting a rose bush for Mother’s Day isn’t a surprise for me, Ryan keeps the element of surprise by not telling me when they are going to plant it. All of the sudden one afternoon in May I get my Mother’s Day card and then the three of them start planting my new rose bush, right then and there.

Today was the day of my surprise.

Since I’m heading to New York for a week I thought they would plant it while I was gone. But I love watching them plant the rose, taking pictures and just being part of the activity so Ryan decided that today was the day we would add my new Mother’s Day rose bush to the garden.

Dad Tip: I highly recommend letting your spouse be involved in where the rose bush is going to be planted. It saves you the headache of having to replant it again when she lets you know it won’t get enough sunlight or it’s simply in the wrong spot.  Plus, moms love watching their kids do something fun but getting to just observe from the sideline rather than be lead parent.

Step 4: Take the Pressure off Mother’s Day




Many of you might be wondering why we don’t wait until Mother’s Day for this tradition. The reason is, it’s takes a lot of pressure off Mother’s Day by separating this tradition from the actual calendar day.  We don’t get rained out and we’re not having to earmark half of Sunday for the activity.

Last year we planted the rose bush before Mother’s Day and then spend actual Mother’s Day up in Laguna. It was a great day and every time the roses bush blooms I am reminded of each fun afternoon we’ve had planting my Mother’s Day rose garden.

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  • Reply Bridget Curran May 3, 2017 at 8:59 am

    I love this tradition. How wonderful to receive a beautiful, thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. Much better than the earrings that I received that were picked out from CVS that I am asking regularly by my little girl why I am not wearing them.

  • Reply Rebekah Coudriet June 28, 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Oh my goodness. I love the idea of planting a rose bush or other bush for Mother’s Day! Nice article.

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