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The 8 Most Important Ways Moms Can Maximize Energy and Achieve More

September 12, 2016


Confession, I am the antithesis of a Type A personality.  I am not particularly detail oriented or very organized. I am impatient, not rigid, I will hang out with you on a moment’s notice, I don’t know what’s for dinner until I open the fridge, and I’m not the type of mom to makes plans on Monday for Thursday.  I decide on Thursday morning what we are going to do for the day and then probably make the rest of the days decisions along the way.  But underneath what seems like an unsustainable lack of rigidity is a method that leaves me highly productive with what my friends characterize as an overflowing amount of energy.  So what’s my method to maintaining what to most seems like I always have two days packed into one?  Energy management.

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By Giving Our Kids Everything Are We Teaching Them Anything?

April 13, 2016


By Giving Our Kids Everything Are We Teaching They AnythingSummer and I were watching the newer Cinderella movie this week and part of it stuck with me.  There is a scene in the movie where Cinderella’s mother, knowing that she is about to die, tells Cinderella to “be kind and have courage.” Through the rest of the movie those two principles of kindness and courage influence her decisions in life’s more difficult moments. Although just a fairytale, I have no doubt that as a mother I have the power to help guide my children to live by certain principles and ideals. While I might not have the wisdom to know what traits I am inspiring in my kids, I do know the ideal that has been nurtured in me.

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Do You Really Want a Divorce or Are You Just Tired?

October 12, 2015

Do You Really Want a Divorce or Are You Just Be TiredWhen I was pregnant with my first child, my boss and mentor gave me a piece of advice that at the time seemed pretty out of left field.  In the middle of a lunch when I was 8 months pregnant and filled with the excitement of possibilities she told me, “You need to make a pact with your spouse before the baby is born.  Agree that no matter how much you might think you can’t stand each other and your marriage is done for, you won’t bring up divorce for three years.”  I didn’t get it at the time but 3 years and two kids later, I realize that this was some of the soundest marriage and parenting advice I had ever received.

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Words of Wisdom for my Daughter

August 19, 2015

words of wisdom for my daughterAs my daughter turns three I wanted to create a list of lessons I don’t want to forget to teach her. Probably every mom across the globe keeps a similar list. Whether it’s just in your head, a note in your phone or written into a journal, we all find ourselves stopping throughout the day realizing that there is some very tiny yet highly important life truth we hope our daughters understand. Because as mothers we know that the culmination of these tiny lessons converge to help form our little girls into the intelligent, kind, and happy young women we hope them to be.

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Top 10 Must Know Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler or Baby

June 30, 2015

flying-alone-with-infantI’m a pretty confident parent but if there is one thing that terrifies me, it’s flying alone with a baby or toddler.  Let me be more specific, flying alone with a lap child terrifies me. Despite having flown alone with my kids numerous times I always fear that the other shoe will drop.  I fear that the next time will be a disaster and I’ll be reduced to a puddle of tears by the time due to the misery of my child, the passengers and myself.

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