An Authenticator’s Guide to a Real vs. Fake Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis

May 22, 2019
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pre-owned-louis-vuitton-monogram-pochette-metisAs certain bags trend in popularity, so does the rise of their prevalence in the counterfeit marketplace.  The pochette is no exception.

With long wait lists and a demand that continues to surpass the supply, the Pochette Metis bag is hard to get. Which makes people want it even more.

As the Pochette Metis become less obtainable from the brand directly, consumers turn to the wild west of the second-hand market in hopes of being able to procure their very own.

3 Most Important Elements To Review When Buying a Pre-Owned Pochette Metis



1. Date Code:

Without any exception, a Pochette Metis will always have a date code. The location and stamping of the code is very important when determining its authenticity.  

For an online listings sellers are known to not take the time to photograph the date code well or possibly leave it out altogether. When looking for an authentic Pochette Metis online it’s incredibly important that you see a quality date code image to determine authenticity before purchase. Keep in mind, the code itself can be a real sequence even if the bag is fake. To learn more about Louis Vuitton date codes and how to read them check out our. 

Here are some samples of date codes on authentic Pochette Metis bags:

Louis-Vuitton-Pochette-Metis-Real-Date-Codes (2)

Here are some samples of date codes on fake Pochette Metis bags:


2. Trademark Heat Stamp:

If you are not already familiar with the importance of studying the stamping technique on a Louis Vuitton, you can learn more in our 20+ page detailed . In the guide, we teach you the exact formula to determine real versus fake Louis Vuitton bags based on stamping.

Here are some samples of trademark stamping on authentic Pochette Metis bags:


Here are some samples of trademark stamping on fake Pochette Metis bags:


3. Quality of Craftsmanship:

Across the board, the quality of craftsmanship is one of the most consistently off elements of a replica bag.  But to an untrained eye, this might not be as apparent as it is for an authenticator or someone intimately familiar with brand and construction standards.

Here are some samples of trim, hardware and craftsmanship on authentic Pochette Metis bags:


Here are some samples of trim, hardware and craftsmanship on fake Pochette Metis bags:





Safely Buying a  Real Used Pochette Metis

While authenticators can easily distinguish real versus fake pochette metis bags based on criteria and experience, for a buyer who might not have ever seen the bag up close and in detail the process can be much more difficult.

Considering ⅓ of all the Pochette Metis bags we have authenticated this year are replicas, we always strongly recommend that you get any Pochette Metis bag you are considering authenticated before purchase.  Spending a little bit of money to ensure your $2,000 purchase isn’t fake, is a savvy buyer’s best investment.

Pre-Authenticated Pre-Owned Pochette Metis

Alternatively, there are websites such as Fashionphile that pre-authenticate their items and can ensure 100% authenticity on their pre-owned Louis Vuitton and designer handbag inventory.

The beauty of this marketplace exchange is that it becomes your most trusted channel to get an authentic, pre-owned Pochette Metis. Right now on Fashionphile, there are about 91 different pochette metis bags for sale. Some are reverse monogram, some are empreinte and most are monogram canvas.


  • Pre-authenticated so the guesswork of trying to determine authenticity is going
  • They have a return policy. So if you get it and you don’t want to keep it for any reason, you get to return it (with some limitation).
  • Extensive inventory. While some similar smaller consignment shops might get 1-2 their massive network lets you hone in on exactly what you want from your bag in terms of price and condition.


  • The price of these bags is going to be more than you will find on an auction site.
  • Due to the high demand for a Pochette Metis, the pre-owned bags are as expensive and in some cases more expensive than a new bag (just keep in mind it’s because you can’t easily obtain a new bag)


The Bottom Line:

The demand for the Pochette Metis continues to grow and so with it does both the online inventory for pre-owned bags as well as the online inventory of fake Pochette Metis bags.  Having a clear understanding of a real vs fake bag is critical in ensuring you don’t spend $2,000+on a fake bag.

While educating yourself on real versus fake bags is a great starting point, it’s likely not your best course of action if you are seriously considering buying a Pochette Metis.  Instead, ordering an authentication to confirm if it is real or fake, or buying a pre-authenticated pre-owned Louis Vuitton are the only ways to secure your investment and ensure your new bag is, in fact, real and worth that $2,000+ you are about to spend on it!


In Gratitude Legos in my Louis


Disclaimer:   LegosinmyLouis is an independent luxury designer authentication service and is not affiliated with any designers, including the designer of the item reviewed. 



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  • Reply OldWorldWitch May 24, 2019 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Betsy – I’ve seen this many times and was wondering if you had an answer: on the back of the bag, on the side of the zipper – most times there are 5 stitches, however, I’ve come across many that only have 4 stitches. All the other details are quite passable. Fake? Also – I’ve seen what I believe are several fake PM’s on FP’s website over the last year or so. There are small details that are missed.

    • Reply Betsy May 27, 2019 at 9:50 pm

      Hi! Glad you liked the article and that we share a similar interest. The small details hold some of the most important truths.

      You are absolutely correct, the nuances between a real Pochette Metis and a fake Pochette are very subtle when you are comparing a real versus fake Pochette Metis that are both brand new. Keep in mind on authentic bags the greatest variation you will see will be from changes to the pattern over time followed by slight variation between factory. However, things like stitches per inch will be consistent over time and the replicas variation in machinery, materials and molds for stamping will show it’s true colors.

      As close as the replicas look new from the box I know that over time in years, months and even weeks, the replicas will start to show their true colors while the authentic Pochette Metis bags will stand the test of time and Louis Vuitton craftmanship.

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