Blow Pop Blow Dry Bar – A Busy Girl’s Secret to Great Hair

January 28, 2016
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Betsy Crozier of Legos in my Louis at Blow Pop Dry Bar San DiegoMove over brunch – there is a new favorite Sunday activity, the blow out.

Let’s face it, a good blow dry isn’t a luxury that moms have. At best, we are probably off to the salon 4 times a year for a cut, color and style.  If you have time to section off, round brush and curl our hair after ever wash your kids are probably watching way more YouTube that you are willing to admit.  So for the most part, a good blow out was a luxury that went away when our kiddos were born. Until now – meet Blow Pop Blow Dry Bar.

This Isn’t Just Your Salon Blow Out

betsy crozier legosinmylouis at blow out bar san diego

betsy crozier legosinmylouis at blow out bar

As much as I love fresh out the salon hair, I love fresh out of blow dry bar hair more! A blow out from a salon and from a dry bar are totally different.  Salon hair is generally colored, cut wet, straightened, cut again dry and then curled.  For most this means you will leave the salon with very straight hair and any dreams of big Bridgette Bardott hair have to fall to the side of making sure the cut is perfect.  When you go to get your hair cut at a blow dry bar you can have your hair done however you want.  Big, straight, beach waves, soft curls – whatever style you want to walk out with is completely obtainable. You can walk in with visible roots and split ends and walk out looking like you are about to take headshots.

Pamper Your Favorite Momma-to-Be

blow pop horton plaza blow out

If you want to give what is arguably the best baby shower gift ever, get a mama to be a gift certificate for a blow out.

The first time I ever got a blow out from Blow Pop Dry Bar I was 9 months pregnant.  My best friends wanted to take me out for a little pampering and this was the ticket.  When your belly is too big to see your toes you are retaining water, the novelty of a pedicure is lost.  For me, I didn’t really mind pregnancy and the big belly until the very end when my face started to not look like my own.   Getting a blow out was the perfect treat to help me feel more like myself/a regular person those last few weeks.  It’s really hard to feel bad about your appearance and physical discomfort when your hair looks better that it ever has before.

By the time I was almost due with my second child I had a blow out booked for the day after my due date.  If I had the baby before my appointment, I would be thrilled to be done with my pregnancy.  If I was past my due date, I was lined up to reward myself with pampering and great hair that would last me until my little man was born.

The Perfect Girl’s Day

betsy crozier of legosinmylouis at blow pop dry bar

Last Sunday I had a great  girls day where we all went to the Blow Pop San Diego in Horton Plaza for a fun hour of pampering.   We sipped on champagne, relaxed and chatted each other up while the talented artists went to town getting our locks in perfect shape. It was the perfect break in routine from the usual brunch with a huge upside of great hair that we were hoping to last all week long. At only $40 for a blow out, we probably spend less money than we would have on brunch and drinks.  If you are looking to have more than just the typical meet up with girlfriends I highly suggest going to BlowPop Blow Dry Bar in Horton Plaza for an easy hour of pampering.

Let’s be real, you are probably about to go spend $40 in the dollar section of Target so just close your wallet, text your bestie and call Blow Pop in Horton Plaza to book your next Girl’s Night Out!

Insider Tips

  • Park in section Strawberry 5 (you’ll also be right at Nordstrom)
  • Don’t worry about picking out a “style” from their site.  Those are just ideas – the stylists will totally give you what you want
  • If you are trying to stretch that beautiful blow out for a week, let the stylist know so they can go light on the product
  • You’re going to look so good you’ll want to grab lunch after. Walk over to Searsucker for great food and a laid back lunch scene with great food.
  • Don’t forget to pick up some dry shampoo on the way home to help increase the life of the blowout
245 Horton Plaza, San Diego, CA 92101
In Gratitude Legos in my Louis
All photos are taken by Mary Crozier Photography – permission required in advance of use for photographs featured. 

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