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The 7 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Online

September 4, 2017


Today I authenticated 3 Louis Vuitton Speedies for customers. All three of them were fake and my customers had no clue.  Rather than get an authentication before they bid, they bought the bags (for hundreds of dollars each) and then luckily decided to reach out to me during their 48 hour return window.  While I was quickly able to determine their bags were without a doubt fake, the customers were shocked, angry, relieved – you name it. I can’t blame them though; How would you feel if you were holding a fake bag you just paid $500 for?

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An Open Apology to my Golden Retriever

July 27, 2016


an open apology to my dog after having kids

When reading this, you first have to understand I’m not a particularly emotional person.  I can probably count on one hand the times I have cried in the last decade.  Despite my aversion to emotions, today in the company of veterinarian, I had a total meltdown.  4 years of the stress of motherhood, keeping it together and keeping my life on course came to a head and I turned into a sobbing mess of inadequacy, guilt and fear of failure.

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8 Cool & Kid Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

June 17, 2015

8 Cool & Kid Friendly Restaurants in San Diego8 Cool & Kid Friendly Restaurants in San DiegoParents in San Diego know we are beyond blessed to be raising our kids in this awesome piece of paradise. Our day to day lives closely resemble most people’s vacation where Sea World is a post nap time-killer till Daddy gets home and the World Famous San Diego Zoo is where Mommies meet up for a morning srtoll. From sun up to sun down the possibilities for amazing adventures and eats with your kids is endless.

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