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The 8 Most Important Ways Moms Can Maximize Energy and Achieve More

September 12, 2016


Confession, I am the antithesis of a Type A personality.  I am not particularly detail oriented or very organized. I am impatient, not rigid, I will hang out with you on a moment’s notice, I don’t know what’s for dinner until I open the fridge, and I’m not the type of mom to makes plans on Monday for Thursday.  I decide on Thursday morning what we are going to do for the day and then probably make the rest of the days decisions along the way.  But underneath what seems like an unsustainable lack of rigidity is a method that leaves me highly productive with what my friends characterize as an overflowing amount of energy.  So what’s my method to maintaining what to most seems like I always have two days packed into one?  Energy management.

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An Open Apology to my Golden Retriever

July 27, 2016


an open apology to my dog after having kids

When reading this, you first have to understand I’m not a particularly emotional person.  I can probably count on one hand the times I have cried in the last decade.  Despite my aversion to emotions, today in the company of veterinarian, I had a total meltdown.  4 years of the stress of motherhood, keeping it together and keeping my life on course came to a head and I turned into a sobbing mess of inadequacy, guilt and fear of failure.

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10 Best Kid-Friendly Beer Joints in San Diego

June 13, 2016

kid friendly bay city brewing companyLet’s face it, craft beer is to San Diego what wine is to Napa. San Diegan’s have loved beer long before we had our kids and long before it became trendy.  So why, just because we now have kids, should we not be able to enjoy it in the same way we did before?  Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is no reason why you should forgo a good brewery or favorite beer on tap just because the kids are in tow. Lucky for all of us parents, these awesome kid friendly breweries and restaurants are not only serving up great beer they are doing it with a laid back vibe that is welcoming to both beer and non-beer drinkers alike.

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Behind the Scenes with Legos in my Louis

June 8, 2016


Recently I had the honor or being interviewed by parenting expert Dr. Kim the founder of The Paleontologist.  You can read the full interview here and also learn more about the variety of services, seminars & workshops Dr. Kim does to support moms and families. Follow @theparentologist on Instagram for some fun behind the scenes of her life, family and pregnancy.  She also does a weekly Instagram #askdrkim where she answers parenting and child behavior questions for her followers.

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Family Friendly Plaque Fighting Toothpaste with Plaque HD

May 17, 2016

Betsy Crozier Legos in my Louis Plaque HD

I know the idea of good parenting is to feed our kids such balanced diets that they could never get cavities and to instill such good hygiene that they would never get plaque but let’s face it – those, along with many other great mommy ideas, generally don’t go as planned.  But luckily a new type of toothpaste has come along and made the family lifestyle vs. dental hygiene balance a little easier.

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