Fashion Dictionary: A Mom’s A-Z Style Guide to Creating the Perfect Wardrobe

May 7, 2015
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Fashion-abc-dictionary-style-guide-momsAs Mama’s we are constantly singing the ABC’s with our littles but what about our own? Time for the fashion alphabet! Brush up on your ABC’s with our fashion dictionary.  From A all the way to Z we have every piece necessary to create a wardrobe that will have your looking stylish everywhere from Gymboree to Date Night.

A is for Animal Print

Now when I say animal print I am referring to one animal print, leopard print. Prints around the face can be overwhelming for a lot of people; the easiest way to wear a print is away from your face like on an accessory or shoe. This allows you to add a pop of print but ultimately stick with your core basics. See our post on Animal Print

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B is for Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans just like men come in many shapes and sizes. I like my men/husband built like a lumberjack so the idea of wearing his jeans is downright silly. But encompassing his look in an oversized worn in from manual labor looking pair of jeans does make for a total fashion moment. This fashion trend is a godsend for Mom’s and is perfect transition from getting out of those Lululemon groove pants and into something with a real waistband. The trick to pulling off this look comes down to 4 key elements. See our post on Boyfriend Jeans

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C is for Converse

The classic Chuck Taylor, perfect for chasing the kiddos around the playground or running errands.

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D is for Denim

Denim on denim, AKA the “Canadian Tuxedo”. Sometimes it’s just about taking two things in your closet you would wear separately and making a new outfit.  Wear a chambray top with darker wash jean and then style to make it your own.

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E is for Eyelet

There are no shortage of ways to wear eyelet.  White preppy dresses, pastel colored skirts, white shorts paired with chambray tops, timeless white tunics, or this modern update.  No matter how you wear eyelet, it’s a wardrobe staple that will never go out of style.


F is for Fringe

How can you put on this fringe jacket and not instantly feel like Sloane Peterson or Cindi Mancini?  Check out our blog post to see how to easily add fringe into your wardrobe.

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G is for Gucci

How can I not include the biggest selling Italian brand or this fabulous look from Ms. Carrie Bradshaw herself.

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H is for Hermes Constance Belt

If I had to wear just one belt for the rest of my life, this is it. One of the most highly sought after luxury goods for good reason.  It’s priced $800 up to $12,000.  But just one look and your hooked.

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I is for Investment Wardrobe

Are you familiar with the art of buying expensive clothes because they will last longer and are timeless?  Read more about this widely debated shopping justification.

Read about buying Investment Wardrobe pieces.


J is for Jumpsuit

This is a fun and functional spring trend.  It’s a kid friendly look perfect for bending over and scooping little ones or chasing after them if need be. Consider and inexpensive jumpsuit in all black an no one will be able to tell it’s off label.

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K is for Knife Pleat

One of my favorite pleats!  Also known as an accordion pleat, it’s a look that is hard to mess up.  Everything pairs well with a knife pleat, especially Taylor Swift.

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L is for Little Black Dress

We all have one, the go to dress we can wear to any occasion.  The question isn’t if you have one, but do you have the right one?  Find out in our blog post.

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M is for Mumu

This is not your granny’s mumu, it’s been completely revamped and is ready for spring. Just look at how it Show Me Your Mumu executes this look flawlessly.

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N is for Neoprene

Neoprene bikinis are an affordable and effortlessly cool swimwear trend this spring.  Pairing a classic triangle design with an oh-so-modern fabric, this look is a must have for sandy shores.

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O is for Off-the-Shoulder

Exposing your collar bone adds a new level of sexy to the breezy boho look.  Also great for pear shaped bodies, off-the-shoulder is always flattering.

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P is for Plain White Tee

It’s hard to go wrong with an essential like the plain white tee. Just ask Miranda Kerr who owns this basic plain white tee look. Don’t forget when you find you perfect white tee, buy 3 at a time, you won’t regret it!

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Q is for Quilted Jacket

When you think quilted jacket classic Burberry jackets are the first that come to mind.  But consider trying a modern take on the quilted jacket with something fun like this quilted bomber jacket.

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R is for Raglan Sleeve

Raglan sleeve “baseball tee’s” are back in a big way right now.  This look doesn’t need to be expensive, just take this shirt that is less than $10!

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S is for Safari Dress

The Safari dress has been a regular on the runway rotation for decades because of it’s effortless chic style.  If you a Mom who feels like you live in a zoo, you might as well dress the part.

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T is for Trench Coat

The trench coat epitomizes menswear inspired  that is both stylish and practical, it effortless emits a sense of mystery.

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U is for Understated

Every woman must know how to look her very best when simply being herself.  Without layers of makeup and designer clothes that someone else deems on trend, we can often times find the most elegant versions of ourselves.

Learn Understates beauty techniques from the master, Bobby Brown


V is for Vintage

You’ll never have to worry about someone else stealing your look when you are rocking vintage threads. Plus, how else can an average girl afford to own a beautiful Missoni dress like this one.

Shop handpicked vintage pieces.


W is for Wunder Under

Lululemon’s Wunder Under is to the 2010’s what the Juicy Couture tracksuit was to the early 2000’s.  If I didn’t own so many colors and prints, people would probably think mine are tattooed on because I LIVE in wunder unders.  Yoga studio, playground, errands, you name it, these are my hands down favorite pants in the world.

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X is for fashion Xenophile

What’s a “fashion xenophile”?  Great question because I just coined the term.  Fashion Xenophile: World traveler who loves to incorporate the fashion of global cultures into their wardrobe.


Y is for Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent distinctive and influential design is epitomized in this burgundy velvet clutch. Believe it or not this is a totally obtainable fashion moment for Moms: classic black + statement clutch + red lips + lop.

Shop it here.


Z is for Zipper

Exposed zippers are the perfect way to make any outfit more edgy.  Add a black moto jacket and aviators and you’ve for a total bad ass moment.

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Curating a to die for wardrobe isn’t simply about buying the latest fashion or what you see in magazine.  Build a foundation of staple pieces that will adapt to all facets of your life and you’ll be pulling these recommendations out of your closet for years to come with the same adoration as the first time you tried them on.

NOTE: Click on the pics for photo credit info! We have done our best to locate the original source where ever possible.

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