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10 Best Kid-Friendly Beer Joints in San Diego

June 13, 2016

kid friendly bay city brewing companyLet’s face it, craft beer is to San Diego what wine is to Napa. San Diegan’s have loved beer long before we had our kids and long before it became trendy.  So why, just because we now have kids, should we not be able to enjoy it in the same way we did before?  Whether you are a local or a tourist, there is no reason why you should forgo a good brewery or favorite beer on tap just because the kids are in tow. Lucky for all of us parents, these awesome kid friendly breweries and restaurants are not only serving up great beer they are doing it with a laid back vibe that is welcoming to both beer and non-beer drinkers alike.

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Travel Hacks for Flying with Toddlers– International Edition

March 16, 2016

TRAVEL HACKS FOR FLYING WITH TODDLERS– INTERNATIONAL EDITIONSince my first post on Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler or Baby was so well received I wanted to do a follow up talking about my shortcuts for traveling internationally with toddlers.  I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people who are most concerned about the flight with their toddlers. So on my last vacation – a family trip to Punta Mita I took a handful of photos to show you our most important tips and tricks for flying internationally with toddlers.

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Blow Pop Blow Dry Bar – A Busy Girl’s Secret to Great Hair

January 28, 2016

Betsy Crozier of Legos in my Louis at Blow Pop Dry Bar San DiegoMove over brunch – there is a new favorite Sunday activity, the blow out.

Let’s face it, a good blow dry isn’t a luxury that moms have. At best, we are probably off to the salon 4 times a year for a cut, color and style.  If you have time to section off, round brush and curl our hair after ever wash your kids are probably watching way more YouTube that you are willing to admit.  So for the most part, a good blow out was a luxury that went away when our kiddos were born. Until now – meet Blow Pop Blow Dry Bar.

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10 Quick Toddler Activities with Practically no Setup

January 11, 2016

toddler rainy day car rampLet’s face it El Nino has arrived in Southern California and our little ones are due for a long boring winter indoors.  Or are they?

Last week we had a record 5 days of rain here in San Diego and I would have been resorting to non stop Netflix if it wasn’t for one of my favorite Instagrammers – @momtessori.   This awesome Montessori teacher now mommy documents all the fun activities she does with her twin toddlers.  Whether it’s tracing candy canes or scooping golf balls Momtessori is never short of good ideas and fast fun with the little ones.

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The Ultimate Guide to Growing an Audience on Instagram

December 1, 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Growing an Audience on Instagram 2How many times do you scroll through your Instagram newsfeed and stop at one of your favorite lifestyle accounts. It’s quite possibly a picture of a girl just like you wearing cute clothes and walking down the street holding her son’s hand quoting something abstract about motherhood and mentioning “oh BTW, like my photo to get all the shopping details.” You look at this photo and think two things: 1. I love her and wish she lived closer because we would just instantly be BFF’s and 2. Why don’t I have an account like this too.

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