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Top 10 Must Know Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler or Baby

June 30, 2015

flying-alone-with-infantI’m a pretty confident parent but if there is one thing that terrifies me, it’s flying alone with a baby or toddler.  Let me be more specific, flying alone with a lap child terrifies me. Despite having flown alone with my kids numerous times I always fear that the other shoe will drop.  I fear that the next time will be a disaster and I’ll be reduced to a puddle of tears by the time due to the misery of my child, the passengers and myself.

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8 Cool & Kid Friendly Restaurants in San Diego

June 17, 2015


Parents in San Diego know we are beyond blessed to be raising our kids in this awesome piece of paradise. Our day to day lives closely resemble most people’s vacation where Sea World is a post-nap time-killer till Daddy gets home and the World Famous San Diego Zoo is where Mommies meet up for a morning stroll. From sun up to sun down the possibilities for amazing adventures and eats with your kids is endless.

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10 Things No One Tells You About Having A Second Kid

May 20, 2015

10 Things No One Tells You About Having A Second KidI’m not going to lie, two kids not only looks a heck of a lot different than having an only child it feels a lot different too. One kid is like an accessory; you can tote them along to dinner and shower them with attention while you wait for your food and everyone at the restaurant tells you how cute your baby is. When you show up to that same restaurant with two kids, it’s like your traded your Louis Vuitton in and no one is cooing over the fact that you have two kids with you.

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Do You Speak Your Child’s Love Language?

April 15, 2015

Do You Speak Your Child's Love LanguageLet me start by saying that I’m no more or less qualified than any other parent to be giving out advice.  So I’m not going to.  Instead, pretend I’m a friend telling you something I heard from my Mom and then take it or leave it, whichever you prefer.  Everyone knows that our Moms love to give out unsolicited parenting advice (I see the irony in what I am doing right now).  My Mom is no exception.  The only problem is that my mom is a Marriage and Family therapist and an expert in her field.  So I get stuck because often times I want to tune her out because she’s my mom but this is advice that people pay her large sums of money for.  So I just nod and agree telling myself I’m not really listening, but then slowly I find myself coming back to what she said until eventually I’m thinking “Oh God, she’s right.  I’ll never admit it to her.”

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