Get the Look for Less: 14 Shockingly Affordable Alternatives To Your Favorite Brands

April 16, 2015
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Get the Look for Less 14 Shockingly Affordable Alternatives To Your Favorite BrandsHere is the thing about good style, it can’t just be bought. While it is easy get caught up on name brands and this season’s must have items, simply wearing the latest trends doesn’t make you stylish. On any given day you’ll see me wearing a mix of designer and cheaper items and no one knows the difference.  When you have on Tory Burch flats and are carrying Louis Vuitton, whose going to notice that my white jeans are from Old Navy and my top is from Nordstrom Rack.  The point is, everyone should buy what they like regardless of the brand.  And if you like a brand like Free People or just love Anthropologie but can’t justify spending that type of money, well that’s where I come in.

In all honesty, I’m pretty bad at online shopping, I get filled with advanced buyers remorse and can’t even seem to pull the trigger.  Even with Amazon Prime when I know the shipping is free I need to sit on a full cart for a couple days before I purchase those odds and ends I actually need.  I can spend what feels like hours looking for a dress for a wedding or event.  I’ll go back and forth between purchasing or renting from Rent the Runway.  Want to check everywhere before I decide.  Then eventually, like yesterday I’ll walk into Nordstrom Rack, head straight for the clearance aisle and with one quick glance I can see the two dresses that work for me and within 1 minute in the dressing room I’m done and walking out with a 70% off Shelly Segal dress that I’m only paying $42 for.

For all the readers who love creating their perfect ensamble as well as enjoy the thrill of the hunt, I’m made a little cheat sheet for you.  Since I can’t personally walk you into stores and teach you what works for you body type and how to spot the best dress on the rack, giving you some start here guidelines for savings will have to do.

$168 Skirt at Anthropologie is only $79 at ModCloth

Before we start to look at some of our favorite stores and how to their look for less, let me give you a prime example of how this works.  You won’t find an exact look alike at each alternative store suggested, but sometimes you will.  This Tulle Midi skirt is $168 at Anthropologie and it’s near identical counterpart is $79 at ModCloth.  That is some serious savings.


I shop at both the designer stores and their lower price counterparts pretty much equally and really which side of the equation you want to sit on is different for every person, every occasion and every piece.  But for those of you looking to add a little pretty into your closer this Spring without breaking the bank, this is for you girl!

DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT getting paid in any way shape or form from these brands. This isn’t about affiliate links (which I DO NOT HAVE) it’s simply my little black book of discount styles being shared 100% objectively with you.  Only the best wins when it comes to this list, no hidden agenda.

Here is the list, quick and to the point so you can get right where you want to be:

14 Shockingly Affordable Alternatives To Your Favorite Brands


Great style exists at all price points.  It’s the mixing and matching of great pieces to create your own look, for your body, time and in your budget that is the real art of fashion. Brand names don’t different much from smaller labels, you’ll generally see the same quality and similar designs both inspired by the runway trends. The main difference is simply that the name brand is getting more exposure and is easier to find.

Do you have great resources for finding cheaper alternatives to your favorites fashion labels?  Share!

In Gratitude Legos in my Louis

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    This isn’t quite an alternative, but I’ve had fantastic luck finding Anthropologie items on the secondhand clothing app Poshmark. They are often in perfect condition, and the prices are great.

    Shameless plug: if you’re new to Poshmark, sign up within the app (not the website) using referral code UNXAZ to get $5 off your first purchase. First purchase also has 99 cent shipping, yay!

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