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Thank you for your interest in our authentication services. We are proud to provide expert authentications for designer handbags, trunks, and accessories. Whether you are interested in finding out the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton handbag you already own, need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton item you are interested in purchasing online, or want a certificate of authenticity for a piece you are about to sell – our services allow us to assist you with all our pre-owned Louis Vuitton authentication needs.

Online Authentication Services

For most people, ordering an online authentication is the fastest and most cost effective way to accurately determine the authenticity of your design item. Turn around time for online authentications is usually 2 business days. We start counting business days as soon as we receive all the photos we need to start the authentication so be sure to include all the requested photos.

If you plan to resell your pre-owned bag in the future we highly recommend a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). We’ll provide you a PDF version of your Certificate of Authenticity which can be used when selling your designer bag in the future. This is a very valuable tool in ensuring that you get the maximum possibly value for your used designer bag.

If you are considering purchasing a consignment bag from an online auction and need a quick authentication we do offer expedited services with a turn around of 24 hours or less. This means that we can authenticate a bag you are considering purchasing to help you avoid buying a knock off bag online.

Order An Online Authentication

The pricing for our online authentications are listed below.

To start your order, click on the authentication service that matches you needs and begin the checkout process. You’ll be asked to fill out a form with several questions that will help us authenticate your design item. Please note that quality photos of the bag and specific areas are required to complete your authentication.

Order Instructions:

  1. Select the type of authentication you want and click “Order Now”
  2. Submit authentication payment through our secure Stripe payment portal.
  3. After payment processes, you will be directed to a page with  final steps to get us your bag images or the listing link for the bag you want to pre-purchase authenticate.
  4. Once we have your completed authentication questionnaire and all the images requested, we’ll start your authentication.
  5. After we’ve completed your authentication we will provide the completed authentication, item identification or Certificate of Authenticity to you via email to the address provided on the order screen.

Email Authentication

If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned designer item and want to confirm it’s authenticity before purchase this is probably the best authentication service for you.  Also, if you already own a Louis Vuitton that was a gift or inherited this is a great way to confirm if you bag is authentic. This service typically takes about 2 business days to complete.

  • Price: $25
  • Turn Around Time: 3 Business Days


Certificate of Authenticity

If you are looking to certify the authenticity of your bag this is the best way to do so.  Having a certificate of authenticity is a valuable tool in ensuring that you get the maximum possibly value for your used designer bag.  The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) will be provided in PDF format.  You also receive an email authentication as part of this service. This service typically takes about 2 business days to complete.

  • Price: $40
  • Turn Around Time: 3 Business Days


Item Identification

Many people have pre-owned vintage or antique designer items but don’t know the details for that particular piece.  Maybe it’s the style name, material used, year it was made or all of that information together that you are missing.  This service provides you with all the style information for your piece. Please note this is a separate service from an authentication and no authentication is provided through an item identification order. This service typically takes about 2 business days to complete.

  • Price: $20
  • Turn Around Time: 3 Business Days


Expedited – Email Authentication – 24 HR RUSH

If you are bidding on an online auction and need an item authenticated quickly, this is your best option to ensure that you are purchasing an authentic piece. With less than a 24 HR turn around we will provide you with the authentication information you need to make an informed buying decision quickly.

  • Price: $40
  • Turn Around Time: 1 Business Day


Expedited – Certificate of Authenticity – 24 HR RUSH

Looking for a Certificate of Authenticity in a rush.  This service will provide both an email authentication and a certificate of authenticity within our rush timeline of less than 24 hours.

  • Price: $55
  • Turn Around Time: 1 Business Day


Hear What Customers Have to Say . . .

  • My $25 email authentication saved me from spending $1700 on a fake bag! – Pouchette Metis
  • Loved this service.  Thanks! -Speedy
  • I almost gave up on the idea of buying a pre-owned Louis Vuitton until I worked with Betsy. I was able to get a really good deal on a bag from eBay that I would have been too nervous to buy without an authentication. – Neverfull
  • This saved me from buying a counterfeit bag from someone who didn’t even know they were selling a knock-off. – Taurillon Capucines
  • Betsy helped me with an authentication for a Paypal dispute and saved me from losing $600 from a buyer who said my bag was fake. – Speedy
  • A bag I was gifted didn’t have a date code I could see so I always wondered if it was fake. It just looked so real. When I got it authenticated it turns out that it was real! – Musette
  • Wonderful service!  Thank you! – Saumur 35
  • After Betsy told me a bag I wanted to buy was fake, she helped direct me to website that are more reputable. – Alma
  • First LV, thanks so much! – Azur Totally

Brands We Authenticate

Currently, we are able to provide authentication for the following designer brands. This includes handbags, wallets, small leather goods, footwear, jewelry, accessories and clothing unless otherwise indicated:

Louis Vuitton Chloe
Burberry Goyard
Celine Gucci
Chanel (under 16 series) Prada

Looking for a brand not listed? Please contact us to confirm.

Authentication Support

If you have any additional questions about authentications feel free to email us at hi@legosinmylouis.com or use the chat box below. If you have questions about the Terms of Service for authentications read more here.


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Disclaimer:   LegosinmyLouis is an independent luxury designer authentication service and is not affiliated with any designers, including the designer of the item reviewed.