Meet Betsy


I’m Betsy, a quintessential California girl who found my way to San Diego by way of the Sonoma Wine County.  I have a loving husband, sweet golden retriever and two precious children who have lit up my world like I could never have imagined. I am trying  to navigate through life balancing family, work and play all without losing myself or my sense of style!

Before blogging I helped create and launch a menswear company that made luxury dress shirts we sold at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Because of my job history with consumer marketing I took the title of Director of Marketing and Procurement and with that came a lot to oversee. Despite being the fantasy that every fashion lover dreams of, the trade off was a tremendous amount of blood, sweat and tears.

When at the same time, I was also pregnant twice in 3 years I quickly realized that all that we had already accomplished was enough fulfillment for me.  I made the decision to leave, refocused on surviving the early years of motherhood and niched down to work as a marketing consultant and created a new creative outlet for my passions, Legos in my Louis.

I’m a girls girl who loves writing content that inspires people.  I believe that fashion fades, style is eternal and good taste exists at all price points.  I love to write about the types of things girlfriends are chatting about over coffee or confessing with friends over wine. I  believe deeply in power of the female entrepreneur and want to spark more of her in each of us.

In Gratitude Legos in my Louis