Life Hack for Active Moms with Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™

March 6, 2017

rilliance Life Hack for Active Moms with Rubbermaid Brilliance

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Last year as room mom of Summer’s preschool class I made a massive blunder and broke the cardinal rule for any parent – I brought a glass food storage container into the classroom.  If you are a parent who brings classroom snacks believe me when I tell you I know firsthand exactly why glass containers, moms and little kids don’t mix. Imagine me holding a 1 year old, a dozen preschoolers at my feet and a shattered 15inch glass container in little pieces all around us.  Not only was the classroom snack entirely destroyed and filled with glass pieces, but the classroom had to be closed off and thoroughly cleaned. That evening after lamenting to my husband he set out to find an alternative.  That’s how I met my new leak proof and shatter proof 10 pc Rubbermaid® BRILLIANCE™ storage containers that I can use for everyday and even for more special occasions.

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Social Media Trends That Could Make Or Break Lifestyle Bloggers and Influencers in 2017

February 9, 2017

Woman blogging in spacious office using computer on her workplace. Female employee sitting, smiling, looking at camera.

Much like the masses of people who use the start of a new year to hit the reset button, businesses do the same exact thing. Most of them rolled through Q4 of 2016 knowing that there were bottlenecks in the social media strategy but just wanted to get through the rest of the new year and use their 2017 budget and strategy to do more of what did work in 2016 and a lot less of what didn’t work.  Let’s take a look at where this year is going to take lifestyle blogging and how we can be more mindful of our efforts and results for 2017.

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San Diego’s Ultimate Guide of Awesome Rainy Day Activities For Kids and Families

January 19, 2017
San Diego's Ultimate Guide of Awesome Rainy Day Activities For Kids and Families

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The forecast shows that San Diego is due to get 6 straight days of rain starting now.  While to the rest of the country 6 days of light rain seems like no big deal, for us sun loving – live outdoors San Diegan’s it’s almost terrifying.  Other cities are built to account for poor weather; malls are indoors, there are indoor play places and a healthy balance of activities that work well when the weather outside is bad.  In San Diego, the weather is rarely bad and almost always sunny.  As a result, for a city our size there aren’t a lot of indoor options for places to take your kids when it’s raining and most of us just don’t know what the activities are.

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How to Have Success “Renting” Subscription Clothes – An Honest Le Tote Review

January 12, 2017



For the past few years I’ve been wanting to fall in love with a clothing subscription company but the reality versus my expectations always fell flat.  For a busy working mom the idea of having clothes handpicked and delivered to my door for a reasonable price seemed like the perfect solution.  I’m not displeased with my wardrobe but like every woman my age I always want something new for the season or for an event coming up or heck even to lift my spirits on a Tuesday.

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How to Be a Good House Guest When You Are Traveling With Your Kids

December 21, 2016


Being a good house guest in my parents own home is something I typically never thought twice about until recently.  Up until a few years ago, I still considered their home an extension of mine since it is where I lived my whole life.  As a 20 year old, that attitude didn’t matter much because I left a small footprint behind and was often running in and our visiting childhood friends.  But, with the introduction of first Summer and then Cal both the physical and emotional space that our family takes up in a home grows and grows. Over Thanksgiving I went up and visited my parents in Sonoma County for 10 days, 5 of which was just the kids and I without Ryan.  While there, I put a lot of thought into what I could be doing to make our footprint less intrusive and what my personal revolving door of house guests do to make their presence less daunting.  Whether you are staying with your parents, sibling or friends definitely put some thought into these suggestions this holiday season.

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