Everything You Need To Know About A Real Versus Fake Chanel Bag

December 7, 2019

chanel-serial-number-authenticity-cardChanel is one of the most desired luxury brands today. As a result, it is also one of the most replicated brands. There are a number of details to examine when identifying an authentic Chanel item. Keep in mind that not all Chanel replicas are made the same. Some replicas are much easier to spot than others. The replicas that are closest to the real thing, also known as “Superfakes” are pretty tricky to spot for most, as they are made to look almost exactly the same as an authentic Chanel. While these details may look close to identical, there will usually be at least a detail or two that are a little off. We’ll go over a few of the basics to help you identify an authentic Chanel bag or other small leather goods.

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The Ultimate Guide To Real Verus Fake Louis Vuitton Zippers

November 22, 2019

the-ultimate-guide-to-real-versus-fake-louis-vuitton-zippersOne of the most important, yet challenging details to review when it comes to Louis Vuitton handbags are the zippers. There are many myths and misconceptions circulating today regarding the authenticity of these zippers. You might have heard, “Louis Vuitton hardware should never chip or fade”, “Louis Vuitton only uses brass hardware” or “Louis Vuitton zippers should always be marked ‘Louis Vuitton’ or ‘LV’). It is true that some Louis Vuitton handbags are made of brass hardware, but they’re usually much older styles (we’re talking prior to the 80’s), and most modern Louis Vuitton bags are made of a coated base metal. 

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Where To Find The Date Code On A Louis Vuitton Bag

November 19, 2019

where-to-find-the-date-code-on-a-louis-vuitton-bagIt’s no secret that Louis Vuitton date codes can be tricky to find. Date codes are generally used for internal purposes and are not actually designed to be totally visible to most consumers. Typically, they’re located in pretty discrete locations, such as the inside of a pocket, tucked into a corner, or hidden beneath a strap. 

They’re placed in discrete locations so they don’t take away from the overall design of the bag. But as consumers, we know that date codes are an important component of the authenticity of the product. We’ll go over a few of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags and how to locate their date codes. Keep in mind that the location and style of date code can vary, and it all depends on the style of the bag, or the year when the bag was produced. 

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School Friendly 5-Minute Honey Banana Sushi with Local Hive

September 18, 2019


Can we talk about bringing birthday treats to our kid’s school for a minute?

It’s a near artform to find the right balance in a school birthday treat won’t leave the kids bouncing off the wall while the teacher glances at your with narrowed eyes and will be ok for the peanut allergy / gluten sensitive pupils . . . but still also be fun enough to feel celebratory.

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum of the crafty cooking mom who can pop into the kitchen and whip up a low/free everything banned at school cake. But, what I lack in baking skills I make up for in strides with creativity. That’s why I’m sharing with you one of my kids favorite recipes, invented especially for school birthday celebrations, 5-Minute Honey Banana Sushi.

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Are Louis Vuitton Bags With No Date Codes Real or Fake?

September 12, 2019

louis-vuitton-date-code-real-or-fakeThe Louis Vuitton date code is one of the most notable ways to identify an authentic Louis Vuitton. But without full authentication research, it’s actually one of the many ways that people make an inaccurate assumption about a bag.

Just because a bag has what appears to be a date code does not mean the bag is automatically authentic. One of the easiest tricks for people who make replica bags is to put stamp some letters and numbers onto the bag and forge a date code. But what they don’t typically take the time and effort to do is evaluate the information that you defer from interpreting the code.

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