Whether you are a blogger who wants to get Instagram likes on your RewardStyle posts or you make your income from sponsored posts  – Facebook and Instagram advertising is one of the most cost effective way to gain likes, gain followers, increase post engagement and ultimately increase clicks to your website.  For an established blogger each one of those actions probably has a monetary value to you and your brand.

On my best performing Facebook (actually not even on Instagram) ads has a steady Cost-Per-Click of $.01. That means I can drive traffic to my website for as little as .01 per click and not just any traffic, an audience that I select who matches the target demographics I determine.  For me, Facebook advertising was the tipping point to my success providing me with a Google Analytics daily sessions that opened a door to advertising opportunities in my first year that most other bloggers would never otherwise be offered.

With ShopStyle, RewardStyle and other affiliate sites paying well over this per link click you can use Facebook ads to drive a steady stream of clicks to those monetized posts day in and day out.


You specialize in building your brand – I specialize in using the Facebook algorithm to cost effectively find your audience on Facebook and Instagram. Let me use my expertise to help you successfully navigate the world of Facebook and Instagram advertising with my years of experience and proven system for success.

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Get a comprehensive education in Facebook & Instagram advertising through our online course Influencer Income.  You’ll have complete access to a high level training, our exact formula for success, and an over the shoulder look at exactly how we build, optimize and drive the success of our Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


Custom Consulting

We are currently at capacity for all one-on-one consulting and done for you services.  If you would like to request to be added to our client waitlist feel free to email hi@legosinmylouis and give us your details.

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I’m really active on Instagram but not on Facebook, does that matter?

Even if you are an influencer on Instagram but don’t have a large audience on Facbeook, this advertising platform is still for you. Facebook owns Instagram so the only want to run Instagram ads is through Facebook.  For people who are experienced in running these ads we know how to segment your audience based on platform and provide you split tested data to show you exactly how successful your ads will be on each audience.


What does a Facebook or Instagram ad look like when I’m a fashion blogger?

A Facebook ad for a fashion blogger would basically be anything from your blog or Facebook page that you want to promote outside of the limited number of people who see it organically.  If you have a blog post that gets high traffic or high income for your then the ad is promoting that blog post so it appears in the newsfeed for people we want to target.  Promoting rich content or content that you have a monetized links for is another Facebook advertising home run.


How much will I have to put towards Facebook ad spend?

You can spend as little as $2 a day in ad spend and run them for as short of a period as you want, no commitment. I generally will spend $2-5 a day in ad spend or $20 if I have a post that is really starting to gain traction and spread virally.


I don’t have a large social media audience, does that matter?

Not at all! Our goal in running your ads is to find your ideal audience, especially the people who would like you but don’t know about you yet.  If you have a fashion blog and think that a lot of Pink Peonies followers would love your blog, we can run your ads directly to her followers. If you think that your audience is a mom who is 31, lives in Los Angeles, shops and Nordstroms, has a preschooler, and makes over $80,000 a year – we can also run ads directly to people who match that profile.  Seriously the targeting data Facebook had on the entire world’s populate is so good!


Do these ads work well with and RewardStyle or ShopStyle post?

Yes. Oh my gosh YES!  Like seriously YES.


I sell digital products and services on my website.  Are there ads I could run to promote those specifically?

Yes, absolutely. This is where Facebook advertising really shines. But, to promote these successful and focus on ROI we should probably have a talk about your funnel sequence for these products and services. Most of my consulting clients come to me because they have tried running ads themselves and were burning though cash with little results. It takes a strong understanding of the advertising tactics, best practices, how the algorithm works and alot of sales psychology and positioning to really make your offer shine.


How do these ads help when I’m getting paid to do a sponsored post?

Great question.  To be part of an influencer community with paid opportunities you will have to report your site traffic and there will most likely be a Google Analytics tracking code in place to see what your current site traffic is, as well as how many clicks your sponsored post received.  If you have low traffic on your sponsored post the client, community platform, and future potential brands will know.  In contrast when you have a sponsored post that you run Facebook ads to, that blog post traffic really goes up and you have a very happy client and proven track record of success!


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