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Slip Into Summer With The Best Beach Shoes For Californians

June 27, 2017
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Slip Into Summer With The Best Beach Shoes For Californians

Best Beach Shoes – Sponsored by Zappos

One of the things I quickly learned when I moved to San Diego is that not all sandals are created equal.  When I first moved down to southern California I picked up whatever pair of colorful plastic sandals I could find and tried to wear them everywhere. It was years of denial but those $5 plastic sandals left my feet constantly blistered and me slipping constantly. Anyone who has ever worn a plastic sandal in the rain knows firsthand how precarious of a situation it is.

As my years of being a San Diegan went on I started to take notice of what seasoned beach goers were wearing on their feet.  That’s how I came across OluKai, by taking notice of what surfer and really active beach and outdoorsmen were wearing for a sandal. Since then I’ve fallen in love with their entire collection of durable and stylish footwear perfect for the beach lifestyle.


As the seasons change I’m constantly having to readjust my style to fit our also ever changing lifestyle.  What worked for me in the spring tends to be too constricting once the kids are out of school, summer rolls around and we’re spending way more time outdoors and at the beach.  I need clothes and shoes that are less constricting and really made for play. I simplify my wardrobe and tend to focus on function more than ever.  My wardrobe turns into a summer capsule and only the best pieces make the cut for everyday use.  OluKai shoes always make the cut. Not only are they expertly crafted and backed by a warranty, they are a company whose values and actions support preservation and conservation of the places I love dearly.

A Sneaker For As Active or Fancy As Your Current Mode



One of my everyday summer shoes is the Pehuea.  It’s a casual sneaker and perfect for warm days when you want to be in a sandal but need a little more shoe.  Whether it’s a beach hike, running errands or walking the dog, the Pehuea mesh is always my go to sneaker.  I even have the Pehuea leather for when I was a really comfortable sneaker but am not going to be as outdoorsy.  The Pehuea leather looks like a designer sneaker but feels like a cloud. Both style have an awesome drop in heel.  I can slide right into it like a slipper or step into it for a full shoe creating a versatility that is much needed when going through my balancing act of motherhood. You can shop the OluKai Pehuea styles here.

Insider Tip: If you have wider feet order the Pehuea in men’s sizing and if you have standard to narrow feet order it in women’s sizing!

Sandals With A Casual Simplicity



If you have ever been to San Diego you’ll probably have noticed that we wear sandals everywhere.  Just yesterday I flew home from Sonoma County wearing a pretty expensive and beautiful long dress with my Ho‘opio Leather sandals.  While to people outside of the California bubble it might seem odd, here it’s just a way of life. With temperatures that leave the beach constantly calling to us, we all just want to be ready on a moment’s notice for a sun-filled adventure.

Wearing a real leather sandal instead of a plastic one is a total must.  Not only will it not look like an afterthought to your outfit, it’s going to give you a completely different level of comfort and durability. Plastic sandal straps aren’t going to get your a tailored fit and more than likely will result in you looking for a bread tie to patch your broken strap.

You can shop the Ho‘opio and other sandal styles here.

The Bottom Line


When summer roles around don’t pick clothes and shoes that just look the part, choose pieces that let you live the part from head to toe.

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