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December 14, 2017

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Living in San Diego we have come to expect sunny skies temperate weather year round.  During the holiday season when most people in the country are pulling out down jackets and mittens; in San Diego we are trying to embrace the typically chilly festivities while we stand around in shirts and flip-flops.  With the unpredictability in our local weather (and my schedule) I always struggle with what to put on each day and start my day dressed for adventure.
That cozy knot sweater that felt just right for a chilly 7:30 am walk to school is going to feel torturous when I’m picking the kids up in the 80 degree afternoon sunshine.  The head to toe magazine worthy look is great for a work meeting but will never get me out the door for that quick hike I dream about squeezing in before sunset.

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No matter how many years pass, I typically always spend the last months of the year still not getting my fall to winter wardrobe to be just right.  But then, just as quickly as the weather can turn, I rediscover my formula for how to make everything look and feel just right all day and all season long.

What’s My Go To Rules For A Fall to Winter Momiform?


1. Back To Basics

For me the spring and summer are all about playing with color and pattern. But in the fall and winter I like to stick to basic pieces is versatile colors.  Navys, blacks, grays and white crowd the front of my closet. With holiday colors or reds and greens abound I find that that I never regret when I play it a little safer with my own color.  I buy my favorite white t-shirts in multiples at the start of each fall season because I know that it will probably be the most used item in my closet.

2. Lean Into Layer

Layering is a absolute must if you want to build an outfit that will take you through an active and busy day.  In my case, I’m typically up with the sun, quickly getting everyone up and out the door to school and then in a blink transitioning for work like and whatever else the day will hold. If I know that I’m going to be working at the computer all day (or better yet sneaking off to yoga) I always start with my favorite leggings and build the rest of my outfit from there.  Along with a jean jacket that I almost always leave in my car, these base layers leave room for me to be comfortable working, sneak off to yoga at lunch or even run errands.

3. Try More Transitional Pieces

Having transitional anything is basically the key to motherhood and our clothes are no exception.  If I dress in jeans a blouse, jewelry and blazer, the chances of me sneaking out on a hike or off to yoga basically go out the window.  On days that I know I want to carve out some time for adventure, exercise or recharging I always want to chose pieces that I know will get me to that destination more easily.  At the same time, I don’t want to live in my workout wear so finding pieces that transition is really important.

A well made and stylish long sleeve shirt is one of those transitional pieces I always need on days I’m trying to make it to yoga or pilates.  In all the hours surrounding that one hour of exercise, I want to look more put together than just my exercise clothes.  Adding a layer of a stylish long sleeve shirt for over my tank, helps me dress for the activity I want to do while avoiding me looking straight from a workout for the entire day.


When you are building a capsul for your fall wardrobe of basics, you want to invest in pieces that hold up over time.  Good basics will last you years if they are made well and stylish. One of the brands I love to build my momiform with is Toad & Co. available at Zappos. Their clothes are socially and environmentally committed garments that are equally suited for the rigors of life’s daily adventures. As an Californian it’s important to me that 90% of their products are eco-friendly and a portion of each sale supports people with developmental disabilities

The Bottom Line

Motherhood is all about the unexpected.  Our best moments sneak up on us when we aren’t looking. While we might not expect it, at least we can be ready in clothes that are made to withstand your life’s adventures.

In Gratitude Legos in my Louis

What are some of your favorite tips for stylish clothes that match the adventures of your motherhood?

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