The 7 White Tops That Will Instantly Elevate Your Style

October 12, 2016
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Nothing shows a strong sense of style quiet like a crisp white top.  In my own closet I can probably count nearly a dozen white tops that are, and forever will be, the cornerstone of my wardrobe.  But which style white tops stay in style season after season?

In all honesty I don’t buy a lot of clothes each season.  Most women I know spend hundreds of dollars a month I sometimes spend zero dollars a month on clothes.  Yes, zero.  It won’t be every month but I probably consistently under shop most of my female counterparts. I can do this because I gravitate to classically styled pieces and learned at an early age what was essential, what wouldn’t go out of style, and what to keep stocked on repeat. The more I know, the less I need.  As trends come and go as quickly as the passing tide, I try to own pieces that are more timeless and stay with me season after season. I strive to build a collection that always makes me feel comfortable in my own skin and one that leaves me feeling like I have the right thing to wear on even a moment’s notice.

White Looks Good On Everyone

One of my favorite wardrobe pieces to feel instantly put together and chic is a white top.  No matter what your skin tone is or what color your hair is, whites tops look good on everyone. White catches the light, brightens your face and simply put gives everyone a dewy glow.

With so many white tops out there, which ones are the must own for an well curated closet?  Take a look at these 7 styles of white tops that will elevate your style and never leave you fretting over not having anything to wear.

The 7 White Tops That Will Instantly Elevate Your Style

1. White Collared Shirt


Source: Rachel Moore of

I could probably track the trajectory of my professional growth in direct correlation to the white colored shirt.  You can bet good money that if I am going into an interview or sales meeting I’m probably going to be in a white colored shirt. I power dress with two items, the white colored shirt and the black shift dress.  Because when you want to look like a million bucks without worrying about being dressed head to two in this seasons latest trend – the white colored shirt is the perfect way to convey timeless style in a shirt that is going to flatter you to no end.

Shop everyone’s favorite classic white button down.

2. Camisole

classic white camisol

Source: via Pinterest

A white camisole is the ultimate layering piece.  When I find one I like I buy them two at a time.  Whether it’d dressed down with a kimono or dressed up with a pencil skirt or blazer the white camisole will probably be the most versatile piece in your closet and is the ultimate laying piece.

Shop this perfect deep-ish V camisole that I own 4 of and wear ALL THE TIME.  2 white + 2 black (more slate than gray) .

3. Plain White Tee

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

The perfect plain white tee is loved by so many because it exists at so many price points.  I have literally seen women wear a Hanes 3 pack plain white tee with an Hermes skirt and pull it off flawlessly.  Whether it’s with a Hermes skirt, designer jeans or sneakers, the plain white tee is the perfect way to let the rest of your outfit make the statement.

Motherhood is messy so instead of opting for my favorite James Perse higher priced white tee, I’ve been wearing this $19 Madewell white tee when the kids are around.  I doubt anyone but me and my Visa can tell the difference between the two.

4. White Silk Drape Blouse

white silk drape wrap blouse

Source: Pinterest

A white drape blouse is basically a romantic version of the white collared shirt.  Where the collared shirt means business the silky drape blouse is soft and feminine. Where the white collared shirt is perfect for day, the white drape blouse seamlessly transitions to night.

Shop the most versatile white drape blouse you’ll ever own for $40.

5. White Sweater


Source: @figtny via Pinterest

Winter whites are the perfect clean canvas for simple elegance.  While most of our don’t operate with a day to day that requires wide leg wool trousers and cashmere tops in the middle of winter (although I wish mine did) the every girl adaptation of that classic look is a simple white sweater.  In the middle of the heat wave two weeks ago I picked up a heavy hot off the shoulder white sweater.  Because I knew, even though I won’t wear it for months its exactly what I need to brighten up my usually darker and more neutral tone sweater collection.

Because everyone looks good in a cowl neck and fringe, shop this sweater.

6. White Cotton Tank

Source: @josefinehj via Pinterest

Source: @josefinehj via Pinterest

The white cotton tank is going to be a different style for each person.  My go to white tanks are a white pocket muscle tank and a white deep v tank.  White our camisoles are most likely not cotton, the white cotton tank is meant to be uber casual.  Maybe we wear it with leggings, lulu pants or even white cut off shorts.  Whatever what you want to personally style the white cotton tank, it’s mean to be much more casual than even the white cotton tee and will probably get the most use out of all the tops you own.

Possibly the best $6 you will ever spend is on this Old Navy muscle tank.  I own 2 white ones.

7. White Eyelet or Laser Cut

white laser cut eyelet top

Source: @natashandlovu via ShopStyle

There are times when you need your white top to not look so basic.  When you want the top itself to be the statement, that’s when an eyelet or laser cut top comes in.  The way white shows off the detail and cutouts of eyelet and laser cutting exudes elegance. This is the type of piece you probably can’t go out and find so it might take you a few seasons to come across it.  But then, when you least expect it, you’ll find the perfect tailored laser cut top and feel like you just won the lotto.

I was going to share an $80 top but this open back laser cut top for $28 is basically what dreams are made of.

The Bottom Line

If you feel like you keep buying clothes but end up with nothing to wear, you probably need to take a step back from trends and focus on building a stronger foundation to your wardrobe.  It doesn’t have to cost you a lot and honestly I think you are better off picking up these 7 pieces from Old Navy than you would be getting two super on trend tops that you will be completely over by the end of the season.  Remember simplicity makes you loss effortlessly stylish

Do you have any of these must have tops?  Share your favorites below!

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