The Top 5 Rain-Free Uses for Your Toddler’s Rain Boots

November 23, 2015
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best ways for toddlers to wear rainboots without rainLiving in Southern California we hardly think about needing rain gear. But then November hits, we start to get some real weather and are frantically looking around for that one pair of sneakers for your son and wondering if you can get away with putting your daughter in socks and ballet flats. Let’s be honest, those sneakers you are looking for probably got thrown out the stroller months ago. Those sparkly Uggs are precious but its 70 degrees out and your little girl has already run the equivalent of 2 miles around the playground and is sweating in those shoes. With a projected wet winter ahead it’s time you do yourself a favor and get the kids the right gear for the season.

What’s the most important rain gear item your toddlers should have when you live in SUNNY Southern California? Rain boots!

The Top 5 Rain-Free Uses for Your Toddler’s Rain Boots

girls pink hatley rainboots with pony jacket

Rain boots are amazing. If you have toddlers and they don’t already have a pair, you are missing out on the best shoe for toddlers ever. My kids wear their rain boots year round and they are arguably the most versatile shoe a toddler can own. If you don’t believe me, here are 5 favorite uses for rain boots.

1. Playing in the Yard

Rain boots are the perfect shoes for when your toddlers want to play outside and get a little dirty or muddy. Our property runs down into a canyon and we have lots of little places for the kids to get dirty outside. If they were in their $40 Nordstrom sneakers I wouldn’t be as pleased as I watch then stomp in the dirt and mix it with dog bowl water. But in rain boots, I don’t care. Their feet are clean and their rain boots just hose off.

2. Preschool

For all the parents whose kids just entered or are entering preschool, you’ll want to take note of this one. Rain boots are a great shoe for preschool. I made the mistake of sending my older  child to preschool in super cute pink Chuck Taylor Converse that required an adult to help her get on and tie. It took me a couple weeks to realize the preschool teachers prefer that the kids wear slip on shoes that the child can put on and off 100% on their own. Of course, they have 10 kids for 2 teachers, they need the kids to be able to take their shoes on and off all on their own.

3. Walking in Nature

If you are taking the kids out for a walk on a dirt path, you want them in rain boots. You won’t have to worry about their socks picking up burrs or them complaining that there is sand and dirt in their shoes. Even more so than the reasons above, I put my kids in rain boots in our canyons in Southern California because of snakes. My toddler and I have had run in with a baby rattler in the yard and a King snake on a walk in the canyon. Both times we pretty much almost stepped right on them. If I have to chose between my kids wears sneakers or rain boots when they encounter a rattlesnake, you bet I’ll chose rain boots 100 times over.

4. Feeding the Ducks

If your active toddler boy is anything like mine, they too probably end up trying to walk in the lake to feed the ducks rather than stand on the shore like their sister would. I can’t tell you how many sneakers I have had to wash lake clay and water out of because Cal decided to walk in to feed the ducks. Enter rain boots and my problem was solved.

5. To Slow Them Down in Public

Do you remember the Modern Family episode where they put Lily on a leash at Disneyland because she runs away? And then Grandpa Jay goes and buys Lily princess heels which make her walk so slow she can’t run away. Rain boots are the toddler boy equivalent of princess heels! My little runner can’t move nearly as fast if he is trying to sprint away in rain boots!

The Best Rain Boots for Toddlers

boys-hatley-rainbootsIf the pictures don’t give it away I would buy Hatley rain boots over a competitor’s time and time again. The price is appropriate for a boot that they will grow out of in 1-2 years.

  • Brand: Hatley
  • Price: $39
  • Materials: No PVC in their boots or jackets
  • Note: Always buy up a size. Unlike traditional shoes, with rain boots you don’t have to worry about them slipping off if they are too big. Rain boots won’t slip off.

Girls Boots:

classic-hatley-rainbootsThe pink girls rain boots are the perfect color and match / coordinate with almost everything you would find in a wardrobe color pallet for a toddler girl.

Boys Boots:

hatley-space-cars-rainbootsI generally prefer basics but there is something so right about the classic boy interest prints on their rain boots. Cal has the space cars rain boots which he loves to point at and make rocket engine noises. The blue and yellow in these go well with the rest of his clothes.


If you told me I had to choose between my toddlers never being able to wear rain boots or flip flops for a year, you’d be seeing us happily walking along the sandy beach in our rain boots. For the picky toddler who wants to do everything “all by myself” rain boots are a no-brainer. El Nino year or not, you won’t regret putting those toddler flip flops in the back of the closet and buying the kids new Hatley rain boots.

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