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Travel Hacks for Flying with Toddlers– International Edition

March 16, 2016

TRAVEL HACKS FOR FLYING WITH TODDLERS– INTERNATIONAL EDITIONSince my first post on Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler or Baby was so well received I wanted to do a follow up talking about my shortcuts for traveling internationally with toddlers.  I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people who are most concerned about the flight with their toddlers. So on my last vacation – a family trip to Punta Mita I took a handful of photos to show you our most important tips and tricks for flying internationally with toddlers.

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Ultimate Guide to Vacationing in Sonoma with Kids

August 12, 2015

jacklondonMost people think wine country and naturally completely leave the kids out of the picture. But, as someone who grew up in Sonoma County and travels up there with the kids for weeks at a time, I’m here to tell you bringing the kids to wine country is not only feasible, it’s fun.

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Top 10 Must Know Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler or Baby

June 30, 2015

flying-alone-with-infantI’m a pretty confident parent but if there is one thing that terrifies me, it’s flying alone with a baby or toddler.  Let me be more specific, flying alone with a lap child terrifies me. Despite having flown alone with my kids numerous times I always fear that the other shoe will drop.  I fear that the next time will be a disaster and I’ll be reduced to a puddle of tears by the time due to the misery of my child, the passengers and myself.

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