Winc The Internet’s Coolest Monthly Wine Subscription Is A Mom’s Dream

May 26, 2017
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Winc The Internet's Coolest Monthly Wine Subscription Is A Mom's Dream

Let’s be totally real, taking the time to casually pick out a nice bottle of wine is a luxury of time I lost the minute my first child was born.  The first time we took my daughter grocery shopping we literally mapped everything out and packed like we were flying across the country not just picking up some eggs and milk.

Cut to five year later and although I’ve learned the art of shopping with kids, the grocery store or wall of glass filled wine bottle aisle are both places I don’t want to spend much time with kids in tow.  So how, as a mom surviving toddlers with many nights in, do I get access to great wines and a shopping experience I can totally enjoy from home during nap time?  Winc!


Just because I don’t have the luxury of a leisurely stroll down the aisles of BevMo anymore doesn’t mean I like wine any less.  I actually like it a whole lot more now but fell out of love with the process of trying to enjoy both the experience of picking out wine and drinking them.  So when I discovered a new wine delivery subscription I knew I had to give it a try.

The Basics


Here are the basics for the busy momma who doesn’t have time to read everything (although I recommend you do)

  • Wine delivered to your door every month
  • 4 bottles + FREE Shipping for $30 (code LEGOSINMYLOUIS)
  • Order it online during naptime
  • Free shipping
  • Non membership fees
  • Skip a month or cancel anytime, no fees
  • Build your own box with exactly what you want
  • Super cute labels + good wine
  • Fun booklets with wine to help you enjoy it more and impress your friends
  • Never pay for a bottle you don’t like
  • Sign up here to save $20 or use code LEGOSINMYLOUIS

A Little Extra Fun During Mom’s Most Sacred Hours


Forget everything you know about fighting toddlers in Costco while you try to quickly pick a bottle or three of wines while fighting the mad rush of people sampling and shopping on a Saturday.  Instead, picture yourself curled up on your bed with the kids napping while you shop for your wine during your happiest hour.  Game changer.

When you sign up you get to answer some fun palette profile questions (don’t pretend like you don’t love these little quizzes about yourself) and then with just a couple of clicks you are shopping and have access to their awesome curated selection of wines.


Based on the answers to your questions they will preselect some options that you are in no way obligated to get as part of your shipment.  From there you are off to the races and ready to pick out your wines.

The labels are so much fun and basically an Instagrammers dream.  Selecting the wines is easy no matter what your level of expertise. With each product is information like tastes and pairing. Don’t worry about remembering any of it because they’ll make sure you know all about your wines when they arrive. With you delivery comes an awesome book all about your wine and how to pair if you aren’t just eating your kids leftover lunches that afternoon, I mean evening:)

If You Thought Getting Amazon Packages Was Fun . . .


Just wait until you get your first box from Winc.

It will probably be on a Tuesday when the kids got out of school early. Maybe a day they decided to paint each other head to toe while you were looking and you realize that you are behind on a work project that needs to be done before the morning.  Right when you feel like 5pm is never going to arrive and you remember your husband is going to be late today you’ll get a knock on the door from your favorite delivery driver carrying a bright beautiful box of mommy juice!

Suddenly, as if they can smell the wine through the sealed bottles (or maybe were tipped off by the driver your neighborhood) your mom friend will magically appear and might just happen to be carrying to empty wine glasses too.

Just The Right Amount of Wine


While you can chose to get as many or as little bottles as you want my girlfriends and I all agree that 4 bottles is the right amount to start the first month.

Even though we might not necessarily drink a bottle a week, we do find that it’s perfect to have for when you entertain and go through more than 1 bottle. Plus since you can change, cancel or skip at any time, you don’t have to worry that you’re committed to 4 bottles for every delivery. But I would definitely start with 4 on the first shipment!

Totally Share Worthy


With artist and trendy labels, the bottles make for adorable hostess gifts. Last shipment I only had 1 bottle of the Summer Water for myself because I ended up bringing the others for hostess gifts, a girls afternoon and a brunch. The labels on these cute bottles are what really steps up the game for gifting.


Yes way, rose! Just click the link here and you’re on your way to saving $20 off your first shipment and getting 4 bottles for only $30 + free shipping. Seriously, what do you have to lose?

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