You Know Your Kids Are From San Diego When

October 15, 2015
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junior guard pier jumpWhat better place to raise kids than in San Diego.  In the midst of all the advantages that come with growing up in such an awesome city are some tell tale signs that you are in fact a child being raised in this amazing city we love to call home.  Let’s take a look at all that we know to be true for our native San Diego kids.

You Know Your Kids Are Growing Up In San Diego When . . .


  1. They don’t get why out-of-towners think its a big deal our dogs would have their own beaches.
  2. They are lucky if they own one waterproof jacket that isn’t their snowboarding jacket.
  3. Every Thursday they ask, “Who is coming to stay with us this weekend?”
  4. They speak some Spanish, or at least they did for the first 4 years of their life.
  5. If they pass by the smell of weed they’ll say “It smells like O.B.”
  6. They have memberships to theme parks and consider SeaWorld or the Zoo a quick break between Target and lunchtime.
  7. By the end of summer they all basically look Mexican.
  8. They have no problem eating raw fish or eel sauce as long as it’s on a sushi roll.
  9. They would never swim on the wrong side of the checkered flag.
  10. They drink more horchata than chocolate milk.
  11. For them SUP isn’t a way to say hello, it’s an activity.
  12. They want an acai bowl over frozen yogurt.
  13. They learned to surf before they learned to ride a bike.
  14. Dorm living is a breeze because they are used to sharing a bedroom with a sibling.
  15. Boys call them “trunks” not a bathing suit or swimsuit.
  16. They think Elsa’s castle is right off the 5 in La Jolla.
  17. They own more bathing suits than shoes.
  18. They think that everyone outside of San Diego lives in mansions.
  19. They have a surf club not a debate team.
  20. Their Christmas tradition is the Grinch not the Nutcracker.
  21. They get heat days not snow days off school.
  22. They only own like 2 pairs of sock.
  23. Without the ocean they might never know which way is west.
  24. They never have to ask the difference between a flauta, a rolled taco and a taquito.
  25. They have jumped off the O.B. pier, at least once.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few of the San Diego kid traits a handful of us know to be true of our kids.  What else did we leave off the list?  Leave your comments below!

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  • Reply Kirsten Reckman April 19, 2016 at 9:37 am

    Ha!!! These are awesome. Particularly since we live in point Loma and our son is in preschool down in OB. The middle school by our house has a surf team. We have annual passes to everything under the sun. Great post!!

    I just realized what the name of your blog means. Face palm! My Louis purses are up on a shelf for now…replaced by a bigger Tory Burch which is looking older after a year of use. Toddler boys!!!

    • Reply Legos in my Louis June 7, 2016 at 7:41 am

      Point Loma and O.B. was definitely my San Diego inspiration for this post. Bring that Louis back to life mama!

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